Macro Photography Masterclass - Park Farm, Knowsley, Liverpool

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This great day of specialist macro photography offers 2 or 3 guests per session the chance to capture some superb images of a variety of tropical species. Working in our own custom macro studio in Park Farm we can photograph our special collection of animals, all of whom have been selected and acclimatized for photography. We can vary the lighting and ‘sets’ to create a wide variety of environments and effects.  No experience of this type of photography is required and we can accommodate all levels of ability and even support guests with loan cameras and macro lenses so there is no need to be concerned about equipment.


During the day we will work through classic subjects like Chameleons, Tree Frogs and Geckos making sure each of our guests gets just the results they are looking for. We can then work on more challenging subjects like Praying Mantis, Harvest Mice and even Sugar Gliders! Each subject can be positioned without glass or obstruction and in line with a variety of natural plant backgrounds. The tutor for the day can give as little or as much technical assistance as you require and will be happy to run through the techniques to help you learn to do more of this style of photography unaided. We will principally use our own studio flash lighting but guests are also welcome to bring and use their own equipment if they prefer.


During the breaks the tutor will be happy to use our Mac and projector facilities to review your images and discuss different photographic styles and techniques.


All the usual Wild Arena Workshop benefits will be on offer including  access to loan equipment if required.


  • Fitness


This event is suitable for all levels of fitness as there is no real walking involved. The Venue parking area is about 30m from the studio and we have seating for guests to take a break and review their work.


  • Photography Level


This event is suitable for most levels of photographic experience and good images should be achieved with all cameras equipped with a macro lens. We do offer a loan camera and Nikon and Canon fit Macro lenses if required and can download images on to a DVD at the end of the session. The main images will be taken with the provided studio lighting which the guide will set up on guests behalf to achieve the best effect.


  • Disability Access


This venue is accessed via a gate and short pathway. The main door has 2 steps up but the back door has no steps. Wheelchair users or those guests with specific needs are advised to contact us before booking and we will do our very best to accommodate you.


  • Group Size


The normal group size for this event is 3 delegates.


Current Species List


Harvest Mice
Gargoyle Gecko
Leopard Gecko
Arabian Sand Gecko
New Caledonian Crested Gecko
Madagascan Ground Gecko
Yemen/Veiled Chameleon
Panther Chameleon
Whites tree frogs
Peacock Tree Frog
Tomato Frog
Golden Sedge Frog
Amazon Milk Frog
Blue Flying Frog
European Fire Bellied Toads
Argentinian Ornate Horned Frog
Commmon Toad
Stick Insects (Species Varies)
Praying Mantis (Species varies)
PLUS species only available for one to one sessions
Red Eye Green Tree Frog
Big Eyed Tree Frog
Royal Python

Boa Constrictor

White Faced Owl

Mossy Frogs

Chilean Rose Tarantula




09.45: Arrival at main Safari gate where you will be collected


10:15: we usually start the day by talking through what our guest hope to achieve over tea/coffee


10.30 we cover the basics of Macro photography


11:30: Session 1 – macro photography in our studio


13.00: lunch


13:45: Session 2 We will continue to work through various species, varying the lighting and set up to create different effects.


15:00: Tea/Coffee


15:30: Session 3 Clients choice of either more photography or a chance to review the days work and talk through technical questions and issues. Clients are also very welcome to bring along previous work for discussion and review.


16:00: Summary & Close


Please note: The itinerary is provisional and subject to change depending on weather conditions and the availability of the exhibits. Start and finish times are fixed to enable transport planning.


What’s included

Tea/coffee on arrival


Full Photographic tuition and venue guide


Park Farm, Knowsley, Liverpool

Our specialist macro studio is situated at the wonderfull location of Park Farm in the heart of Knowsley Safari Park. We can accommodate 1 to 3 photographers per session in the comfort of the studio and seating area. The studio is fully equipped with all the necessary flash lighting equipment which the tutor will set up and maintain through the day. We also have Mac/PC download and projection facilities for reviewing work and an outside seating area for breaks with wonderful views across the surrounding animal reserves and woodland.






Mains Power


Public transport links for the venue are good with a mainline station only a few miles away.


A detailed map, with full directions, will be sent to all delegates before the workshop and a mobile telephone number will be provided in case of any difficulties on the day.

What to bring


  • You will be inside for the duration of this session unless we take a break on the patio area outside, so there should be no need to consider outdoor clothing or footwear.
  • Refreshments will be provided during the session. However you should note this is a private location and there is no opportunity to purchase additional food and drink therefore it is suggested that you bring anything specific you require.
  • Delegates are very welcome to bring along and try any macro flash units they may have and these can be used alongside our own equipment.
  • An SLR camera together with specific macro lens would be ideal, preferably having the option to go down to 1:1 reproduction ratio.
  • Tripods and monopods should not be necessary and we will have loan units available if required.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged and ready for action before you arrive but we can access power points for additional charging throughout the day.


  • Bring plenty of memory cards or the facility to download cards as its surprising how many pictures you can take in one day.

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