Last Minute Deals

We have had a busy start to 2019 here at Wild Arena, but with winter still with us we have just 1 or 2 ‘Last Minute’ places available at amazing discounted prices on 2 exciting workshops.

Bird Photography Masterclass – Knowsley Safari Park 03/02/19
During this full day event we will carefully select subjects and locations with high quality results as our goal. We will take time to ensure each bird species is presented in as an authentic way as possible with due consideration being given to lighting, habitat and background.
Regular Prices = £149 (Members £119.20)
LAST MINUTE DEAL (20% OFF) = £119.20 (MEMBERS £95.36)

Butterfly Studio Masterclass – Knowsley Safari Park, Wild Arena Studio 10/02/19 PM
We have carefully selected a small range of butterflies to be photographed in the controlled environment of our studio. In this way we can manage the butterflies into the best positions for images and use lighting, backgrounds and set-ups to create high quality results. As with all of our studio work the welfare of our subjects is paramount and we do not use harmful techniques to achieve these results.
Regular Prices = £99 (Members £79.20)
LAST MINUTE DEAL (10% OFF) = £89.10 (MEMBERS £71.28)
These last minute places are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis you can book online easily as the discount has been applied or get in touch with us on:
0151 528 6607

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