New Workshops! Mountain Ponies and Beach and Woodland Workshop

We’ve been working harder over the last few months on new picture opportunities and new workshops to go with them, so we are really pleased to announce two more new workshops.

Mountain Ponies of Carneddau

Wild Arena has joined forces with highly respected wildlife photographer, Kevin Morgans, to offer a great opportunity to photograph the famous Mountain Ponies of Carneddau, North Wales. The Ponies are normally found on an open and beautiful hillside, providing many opportunities for images with varying backgrounds. We hope to be able to try various techniques for pictures, including using different lenses, utilising the light, colour versus monochrome and challenging compositional norms. Late autumn/early winter often provides interesting lighting and early sunsets, weather permitting, should offer a tremendous range of dramatic opportunities.

Beach and Woodland Workshop

Formby point is a very special location offering a wonderful woodland setting along with sand dunes and beach. This gives a great opportunity to look at a huge variety of different, natural subjects. From sweeping vistas to tiny details, there should be plenty to inspire everyone’s photography.

These varied subjects will allow us to cover many ideas from composition (seeing the picture in the landscape), use of different lenses (wide angles, telephoto and macro lenses), fast and slow shutter speeds for different effects and aperture/depth of field settings for variations in focus.

Please just click the link in the heading to get more information about these great new workshops.

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