Lion Photography Morning – Special Offer!

We think the Lions here at Knowsley are really special and to celebrate this we are offering 10% off our Lion Photography Mornings!

Knowsley, very uniquely, has two separate prides of Lions, the first consisting of 6 individuals, is headed up by Sam and Jasmine, whilst the second pride of 5 Lions, falling under male Scooter and his mother Masai, are found next door. These two different groups, give us very varied picture opportunities with wider shots of Sam and Jasmine’s pride are out in the drive through section, and portrait shots of Scooter and Masai’s pride in their second enclosure. 

These session start early to give us time with the lions before the park is open to the general public. It also means the ‘drive through’ pride will only have just been let out, so they should be super busy, patrolling around their territory checking nothing has gone amiss overnight.

This session also includes your entrance fee to the Safari Park, so you will have plenty of time left to see the rest of the animals at your own pace!

Normal price £69 (members £55.20)
Special offer price £62.10 (members £49.68)

Current available dates

This really is to good an offer to miss! To book your place simply click here

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