We currently have some great last minute discounts for some of our events:

Macro Photography Session, Knowsley, 22.10.21

£89 (members £71.20)
Last minute pricing
£71.20 (members £56.96)

Bite Size Harvest Mouse Photography, Knowsley, 01.11.21

£49 (members £39.20)
Last minute pricing
£39.20 (members £31.36)

My New Best Friend is a Flashgun, Online, 28.10.21

£25 (members £20)
Last minute pricing
£20 (members £16)

We love frogs here at Wild Arena and are really pleased to add two more species to our small animal team, Cinnamon Tree Frog and Spiny Bottom Frog. These guys have been settling in over the last few weeks, but they’re now joining the rest of the team and this makes it the perfect time to launch a Bite Size Frog Photography session. 

A whole session devoted to just Frogs and how colourful, diverse and awesome they really are. For more information on our Bite Size Frog Sessions please click here