Setting up your Canon R5, R6 and R3 for Wildlife Photography

After everyones feedback on wanting some training on the new Canon R series cameras we are really pleased to now be able to offer our ‘Setting up your R6, R5 and R3 camera for wildlife photography’.

The new range of Canon mirrorless cameras have many of the features you may be used to seeing on the traditional mirrored version, but once you start diving into the menu systems there is so much more you can set up to help you with your photography. New technology brings amazing opportunities but also presents challenges in terms of mastering new features and more complex set-ups.

This can be daunting and sometimes you simply don’t understand why you would want to set it up differently to how it comes out of the box. With so many new tools and the customisable ability to assign different features to different buttons, we will talk you through these features and why you might want to play around with the set-up to really get the best out of these very capable cameras to better your wildlife photography.

Whilst of course, the photographer is always more important than the camera, if you are concentrating on wildlife and capturing those fleeting action shots, the customised set ups we will run through, should really help you to record these exciting moments.

We are offering these sessions both online and in person, so you can learn in the style that best suits you. After the course is complete, we will of course, send you through all of the notes from the session, giving you plenty of time to play around and set things up with your camera, in your own way and at your own pace.

Topics covered will include:

  • Basic auto focus set up
  • Using subject tracking and eye tracking
  • Options for assigning button functions
  • Exposure setting options
  • Controlling ISO
  • Using RF lenses, EF/RF adapters & accessories
  • Setting up ‘my menu’
  • Setting up custom shooting modes

If you are attending the course at Knowsley, once we have finished you can take the rest of the day to explore the park with the included admission to try out any new settings straight away.

If you are attending the course online, with only 6 people there will be plenty of time to ask questions and with zoom we can guide you through the settings with your camera in front of you.

Workshop, Knowsley 
£89 (members price £71.20)

Workshop, online
£44.50 (members price £35.60)


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