As we progress with our exciting moving plans to Scotland, we are very pleased to announce we will be working with Wilkinson Cameras and ‘Animal Teach’ to offer amazing new macro events in nearby Liverpool. We have known the team at Animal Teach for many years, and their fully licensed animal collection is perfect for the studio photography we are planning.

We are offering a highly informative day in a superbly set up studio with fantastic subjects, perfect for anyone interested in capturing some awesome close-up images. Animal Teach will be rehoming many of our animals, adding to the already great line up of creatures they already have.

Animals you may see on the events might include;

Harvest Mice

Crested Gecko

Gargoyle Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Praying Mantis (various species)

Stick insect (various species)

Borneo Eared Frogs

Tomato Frog

Cinnamon Frogs

Panther Chameleon

Yemen Chameleon

Blue Tongue Skink


Poison Dart Frogs

Macro Photography Workshop, Liverpool 
£198 (members price £158.40)