We have always loved shooting pictures in the beautiful summer evening light and now we are offering the chance for our guests to get exclusive, VIP access to some great carnivore species while the safari park is closed! Join us for a 2.5 hours ‘after close’, keeper escorted shooting opportunity of Amur Tigers, Iberian Wolves, Bush Dogs and Meerkats at Knowsley Safari Park!

ONLY £109 (MEMBERS £87.20)


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Focus stacking has become a massive part of serious macro photography and we have teamed up with Oliver Wright to deliver an awesome specialised workshop covering all aspects of this fascinating area. Oliver has created a reputation for being one of the ‘best in the business’ for this style of photography and his wealth of knowledge combined with our expertise and studio facilities should make this an amazing session!

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DATES: 13/07/19  &  14/07/19

£189 (£151.20 Wild Arena Members)


We are very excited to announce two special dates in the Easter holidays for a wonderful morning session with Knowsley’s Lions 16thand 17thApril 2019

The aim of this session is to concentrate solely on the two Lion Prides here at Knowsley Safari first thing in the morning as they are starting their day. We’ll get exclusive access to the park before it opens to the public with the prides in their overnight enclosures and also in the drive through as they explore and check over their territory. For more information or to book your space click here.

Our macro sessions are amongst our most popular events and to help our customers get great value on all of our February and March availability, we are offering a great discount! Here are your awesome options:

Macro Photography Workshop (half day)
A great introductory session with small group sizes and an inclusive tutorial combined with some great picture opportunities.
Regular price £89 (members £71.20)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £80.10 (members £67.64)

Macro Photography Masterclass (full day)
An extended session, to help our guests get even more picture opportunities and explore some more complicated set-ups and techniques.
Regular price £199 (members £159.20)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £179.10 (members £151.24)

Macro ‘One to One’ Half Day
If you want the chance to have the whole studio to yourself and get individual attention from our tutor, a ‘One to One’ session would be perfect. We can structure the session to suit your ideas and make sure we work together to achieve your vision. Don’t forget you can add another friend as a second guest for only £25!
Regular price £199 (members £159.20)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £179.10 (members £151.24)

Macro ‘One to One’ Full Day
The ultimate macro, shooting experience! This is your chance to have the studio for the full day enabling us to try out more ambitious ideas and shooting scenarios. Once again, you can add another friend as a second guest for only £25!
Regular price £350 (members £280)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £315 (members £266)

Here are the dates that are eligible for these amazing deals:
Macro Photography Workshop (half day)
17/02/19 AM
04/03/19 AM
10/03/19 PM
Macro Photography Masterclass (full day)
Macro ‘One to One’ Half Day
Macro ‘One to One’ Full Day

Its obvious our members get the best deals! If you want to join in, it’s simple – you can buy a basic annual membership for just £19 and then get 20% off all our regular workshop prices!
These sessions are available on a first come first served basis, so you can either book your place on-line using code MMC (MMM for members),
e-mail us at info@wildarena.com or call 0151 528 6607!

Here at Wild Arena, we take the welfare of our animals extremely seriously and always try to keep up with the latest standards of husbandry, care and regulation in the industry.

In October 2018 the government brought in new legislation under the Animal Welfare License, which means any business or individual profiting from animals needs an Animal Welfare License in order to ensure they are caring correctly for the animals entrusted to them. This is of course a great step forward for Animal Welfare and we wholeheartedly support its introduction.

Being based at Knowsley Safari Park, we have always been very lucky to have the advice and support of the wonderful keeping staff regarding the care of our animals. Following a comprehensive process of review, we are delighted to announce we passed our final inspection with ‘flying colours’ in December 2018 and now have our full Animal Welfare License (number 19/00498).

Under the terms of the license scheme, this process is ongoing and we will be inspected on a regular basis.  As a responsible, ethical business, we will push forward with the best possible husbandry and welfare of the much loved animals in our care, enabling us to continue allowing them to be inspirational subjects for our customers..

We have just added the 09.02.19 am and have one remaining place for 10.02.19 pm, these two dates are currently on special offer at a 10% discount, so just head over to the booking page to grab your place on this wonderful half day of exotic Butterfly photography.

We have had a busy start to 2019 here at Wild Arena, but with winter still with us we have just 1 or 2 ‘Last Minute’ places available at amazing discounted prices on 2 exciting workshops.

Bird Photography Masterclass – Knowsley Safari Park 03/02/19
During this full day event we will carefully select subjects and locations with high quality results as our goal. We will take time to ensure each bird species is presented in as an authentic way as possible with due consideration being given to lighting, habitat and background.
Regular Prices = £149 (Members £119.20)
LAST MINUTE DEAL (20% OFF) = £119.20 (MEMBERS £95.36)

Butterfly Studio Masterclass – Knowsley Safari Park, Wild Arena Studio 10/02/19 PM
We have carefully selected a small range of butterflies to be photographed in the controlled environment of our studio. In this way we can manage the butterflies into the best positions for images and use lighting, backgrounds and set-ups to create high quality results. As with all of our studio work the welfare of our subjects is paramount and we do not use harmful techniques to achieve these results.
Regular Prices = £99 (Members £79.20)
LAST MINUTE DEAL (10% OFF) = £89.10 (MEMBERS £71.28)
These last minute places are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis you can book online easily as the discount has been applied or get in touch with us on:
0151 528 6607

Thanks for everyone who came along on our Scotland tour and to Neil McIntyre and John the Falconer for making it a great week. If you fancy joining us in 2020 check out the details by clicking here.

Here at Wild Arena we love all the animals we work with, and of course all the money you spend on photography workshops, helps the organisations we are visiting to continue their great work. James Welch one of the fabulous Lion keepers who works at Knowsley is so passionate about his Lions, that in his spare time he runs the charity The Safina Lion Conservation Fund. This charity is a great way for us to not only support Lions in the wild but also support James in his wonderful work. We’ll leave James to tell you more about the charity and how we are supporting him.

‘I was delighted to be approached by Wild Arena last year to see how they could help us, a newly formed charity with similar interests to their own. After some brainstorming in their kitchen over food! It was decided that for all Big Cat Workshops held by Wild Arena at both Knowsley Safari Park and Woburn Safari Park that Janet and David would donate one pound for each guest attending, towards our cause.

At the Safina Lion Conservation Fund we aim to educate the public about the plight of the lion in the wild by working with zoos to hold educational events and talks and through information on our website. We also work to raise funds for lion conservation efforts working hard to protect these iconic animals in the wild. It is a little known fact that the lion was once one of the most widespread large land mammals on the planet, and that their persecution now means their overall wild population is now estimated at less than 30,000. The first project that we have been able to support is an organisation called ‘Lion Guardians’. They work by recruiting illiterate pastoralist warriors and training them to read, write, work GPS equipment and learn how to monitor and protect lions in the wild. Each Lion Guardian is given a zone to protect and are responsible for the lions within it. These Guardians are extremely valuable people as not only are they from the community themselves, they have grown up with the problems faced by confrontation with lions and many have killed lions in the past. Now by working for and with lions, they are perfectly qualified to sympathise with their community and to know the struggles that they are facing. We work with them by sponsoring a years salary for one of these Guardians. Our first Lion Guardian was Longoi Ole Parsitau, he was based outside the Amboseli National Park in Kenya and monitored an area called ‘Risa’. Sadly Longoi retired this year but our sponsorship will now move on to his brother Kuya Kipampa who has started to monitor the same area. Once trained Lion Guardians are a formidable yet familiar face for the local community who try to mitigate conflicts and solve problems for the lions and the people.

We are so thankful to everyone at Wild Arena and to everyone who has taken part in a big cat workshop this year as you have contributed nearly £500 to our cause! Thanks to your help we are able to provide another years sponsorship for Lion Guardians which will take us well into 2019. I look forward to updating you all again and I hope many of you are pleased to know what a portion of your fee has gone towards. For more information on Lion Guardians and our other projects please look on our website’.

Thanks again!

James Welch


Safina Lion Conservation Fund

We are hoping to tie in more of our workshops with relevant charities and will keep you updated on these and of course on James’s progress.

With Christmas just around the corner, if you are still looking for that special gift then hopefully we can help! We are offering 10% off our gift vouchers and Macro sessions, please just use code xmas10 at the checkout. With all our vouchers and confirmation we send these via email to try and help the environment, if you would still like a postal voucher then these can be brought separately.

We can process email vouchers for orders placed before 12pm on 24.12.18 and postal voucher for orders placed before 12pm on 20.12.18 please follow this link for more information.