Summer Update

The safari park has seen some changes over the last year, the wolves have currently moved back up to the safari drive and are looking great in the long grass of the meadow. The youngsters are fully grown, so the pack looks great with Dad showing them how to be Wolves. Kuzma the male Tiger has returned to Banham Zoo where he has been joined by a new female Tiger and Miron has arrived here at Knowsley from Copenhagen Zoo. This very large male Tiger is settling in well and looks amazing in his new surroundings.

If you visited last year some of you may have noticed a change to the White Rhino, with Jazz and Bhinta moving on, to help the breeding programme. Keva and Byami have joined Winnie, Piglet and Meru, plus the males, Sharka and Pembay making up the very large crash.

Last year also saw the Chapmans Zebra depart and new Grevy Zebra arrive. The two stallions are still in a side paddock settling into Safari Park life, but we can’t wait for them to join the other animals on the Africa section of the drive.

The Bushdogs have seen a complete refurbishment of their exhibit and they are loving playing around in their new surroundings, which also gives us much better viewing opportunities.

Our safari park and macro studio 1-2-1 photograph events have been really popular over the last few months. We’ve also had lots of customers coming along with another member of their family, a friend or colleague as an additional attendee on these events. Normally these second (or even third) places are charged at £25, but for August and September we are doing them ABSOLUTELY FREE!

All you need to do is find a ‘photo buddy’ to come along, book an event & schedule a date during August or September and you can get an amazingly good value day of quality photography!

We are absolutely delighted to launch a program of amazing on-line presentations from the Wild Arena team and our professional photography & wildlife friends. During February and early March, we have scheduled 9 different talks covering a wide variety of subjects and techniques.

During these troubled times of Covid restrictions and recurring lock downs, it has been very difficult for some in the photographic and wildlife communities to operate in anything like a normal fashion.  In some small part, we hope these talks will help this, with proceeds going to some highly skilled professional photographers and small wildlife charity.

The 1.5 hour ‘Zoom’ based presentation will be running during the evening from 7.00pm to 8.30pm and with relatively small group sizes, there should be ample time to ask any individual questions you might have.

Check out the full list here:

We also have a superb ‘6 X On-Line Talks – 20% discount with Multi Buy Bonanza’ here:

We hope these talks will not only educate and amuse you, but proceeds from them, will help all of the speakers in these very difficult times.

We sincerely hope that you can find something that appeals to you, buy a ticket and support this project!

We’ve been thinking about how much we all depend on the extraordinary efforts of our amazing NHS workers in these troubled times.

As a small token of our gratitude for these amazing people we’ve decided to offer any

worker with an interest in photography a FREE WILD ARENA MEMBERSHIP (normally worth £19)! We know it’s not much but it will give them priority booking and special discounts and we would love to see them on our events as things improve in the spring.

If you are an NHS worker and you are interested in photography, just message us, call on 0151 528 6607 or e-mail us at and we’ll be delighted to get you involved for FREE!
There’s no catch it’s just something we thought we could do to acknowledge the work these amazing people do!

We know you’re probably being inundated with Black Friday deals, so ours is nice and simple. From today until 27.11.20 we’re offering 10% off our Gift Vouchers, so if you have that Christmas Gift to buy or you just want to treat yourself, then this is a great time to buy some vouchers!

To get your discount simply enter the code BFWGV10 at the checkout or give us a call on 0151 5286607.

Now the restrictions have lifted a little bit more in Wales, we are really pleased to be able to once again offer the Mountain Ponies with Kevin Morgans. We have our first event coming up on 26th July with a small group of just for people. Please click here for more information

Our macro sessions are amongst our most popular events and to help our customers get great value on all of our February and March availability, we are offering a great discount! Here are your awesome options:

Macro Photography Workshop (half day)
A great introductory session with small group sizes and an inclusive tutorial combined with some great picture opportunities.
Regular price £89 (members £71.20)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £80.10 (members £67.64)

Macro Photography Masterclass (full day)
An extended session, to help our guests get even more picture opportunities and explore some more complicated set-ups and techniques.
Regular price £199 (members £159.20)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £179.10 (members £151.24)

Macro ‘One to One’ Half Day
If you want the chance to have the whole studio to yourself and get individual attention from our tutor, a ‘One to One’ session would be perfect. We can structure the session to suit your ideas and make sure we work together to achieve your vision. Don’t forget you can add another friend as a second guest for only £25!
Regular price £199 (members £159.20)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £179.10 (members £151.24)

Macro ‘One to One’ Full Day
The ultimate macro, shooting experience! This is your chance to have the studio for the full day enabling us to try out more ambitious ideas and shooting scenarios. Once again, you can add another friend as a second guest for only £25!
Regular price £350 (members £280)
MACRO MAYHEM DEAL £315 (members £266)

Here are the dates that are eligible for these amazing deals:
Macro Photography Workshop (half day)
17/02/19 AM
04/03/19 AM
10/03/19 PM
Macro Photography Masterclass (full day)
Macro ‘One to One’ Half Day
Macro ‘One to One’ Full Day

Its obvious our members get the best deals! If you want to join in, it’s simple – you can buy a basic annual membership for just £19 and then get 20% off all our regular workshop prices!
These sessions are available on a first come first served basis, so you can either book your place on-line using code MMC (MMM for members),
e-mail us at or call 0151 528 6607!

We have just added the 09.02.19 am and have one remaining place for 10.02.19 pm, these two dates are currently on special offer at a 10% discount, so just head over to the booking page to grab your place on this wonderful half day of exotic Butterfly photography.

We have had a busy start to 2019 here at Wild Arena, but with winter still with us we have just 1 or 2 ‘Last Minute’ places available at amazing discounted prices on 2 exciting workshops.

Bird Photography Masterclass – Knowsley Safari Park 03/02/19
During this full day event we will carefully select subjects and locations with high quality results as our goal. We will take time to ensure each bird species is presented in as an authentic way as possible with due consideration being given to lighting, habitat and background.
Regular Prices = £149 (Members £119.20)
LAST MINUTE DEAL (20% OFF) = £119.20 (MEMBERS £95.36)

Butterfly Studio Masterclass – Knowsley Safari Park, Wild Arena Studio 10/02/19 PM
We have carefully selected a small range of butterflies to be photographed in the controlled environment of our studio. In this way we can manage the butterflies into the best positions for images and use lighting, backgrounds and set-ups to create high quality results. As with all of our studio work the welfare of our subjects is paramount and we do not use harmful techniques to achieve these results.
Regular Prices = £99 (Members £79.20)
LAST MINUTE DEAL (10% OFF) = £89.10 (MEMBERS £71.28)
These last minute places are available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis you can book online easily as the discount has been applied or get in touch with us on:
0151 528 6607