We have redesigned our studio space and our vehicles to make them COVID-19 compliant, if an event is on hold we can’t yet run it, but if its marked compliant we are good to go and you should be able to find dates on the relevant experience. 

Update 02.11.20

Further to the Government announcement of a new national lockdown in the UK from 05.11.20, we will be postponing all events due to take place between 05.11.20 and 02.12.20. We will of course contact everyone who is due to attend and we will be able to open again as soon as the Government lifts restrictions.

Update 24.09.20

The Knowsley area is currently in local lockdown but the restrictions are for local residence socialising, all of our events are currently one to ones so this does not affect our current offering. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us about your booking.

Events currently running

One to One Safari Sessions, Bite Size, Half Day and Full day

One to One Macro Sessions, Bite Size, Half Day and Full day

Wolf Pack Photography Workshop, this event is for 2 guests only is outside and we can easily have 2 metres social distancing

Mountain Ponies of Carneddau, we are watching local restrictions but currently with a group size of 4 outside this is compliant

Harvest Mouse Photography Workshop, 1 guest only

Macro Masterclass, 1 guest only

Macro Workshop, 1 guest only

Power Hour Training, Online

12 Week Introduction to Creative Photography, Online

Events currently on hold

Macro Workshop Creative Lighting

Elephant Safari Photography Workshop

Big Cat Photography Workshop – Knowsley and Woburn

Safari Photography Workshop – Knowsley and Woburn

Super Macro and Focus Stacking with Oliver Wright

Lion Photography Morning Special