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Autumn Photography Tour

What a fabulous week, thank you to our two lovely guests who joined us for our first week-long Autumn Photography Tour here in Forsinard.

The weather was very kind to us for the week, with only a few short showers and one very windy day. But the skies were full of moody clouds interspersed with blue, the colours were starting to shine through with beautiful rust colours covering the heathers on the hills and the red/orange leaves of the trees. The salmon jumped while we watched on in awe at their strength and resilience to such a big hurdle, with huge gushing waters constantly pushing them back.

The treats were endless with the impressive Red Deer Stag’s bellowing by the side of the road and a well-known haunt where the Osprey fly (who have left for the season) confusing us with similar large birds, who surprise us with their lovely white tails when they took off, there’s no mistaking a Sea Eagle once it flies and we couldn’t contain our excitement at such a find.

But there were many simple pleasures, from the numerous bright red Fungi, to the old ruined crofts with stories of the past and my favourite the flowing, tumbling, serene waterfalls which we could have whiled away many hours taking pictures, just trying to encapsulate this calming scene.

We can’t wait for out next set of guests to arrive and to share all the wonders that this beautiful, calm landscape has to offer.

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