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12 Week Understanding Creative Photography Course

Our 12 module course aims to run through all the basic information you will need to know in weekly ‘bite size’ chunks. Each week we will cover technical ideas and creative thoughts, setting students an exciting practical assignment. Our objective is to replicate a physical weekly college style course using modern information technology and on-line conferencing, it will be live with your tutor and not a video. With only a small class of 8 students per course and frequent opportunities to discuss your work individually with your tutor, we hope every participant will feel supported through this process. We will also encourage support and idea sharing amongst the class, creating a rich and friendly learning environment.

6 Week Course on Elephant Care and Husbandry in Zoo’s

An amazing 6-part foundation course, for Elephant caregivers offering a proactive view into the future of Elephant husbandry in 21st Century Zoos. With nearly 10 hours of ‘live’ Zoom presentations, it aims to enlighten both those who are new to this environment and longtime Elephant professionals alike.

A conversation with Alan Roocroft – A life with Elephants

30.04.21 Alan Roocroft has spent a lifetime working with Elephants both directly with 25 years within Elephant holding collections and then latterly, 30 years as a globally renowned consultant. He has experience spanning 125 different institutions and collections in a breath taking 28 countries.

A Conversation with Neil McIntyre – Telling the story of Scotland’s’ natural beauty

09.09.21 David Southard from Wild Arena, will chat to Neil about the origins of his passion for photography and how this has evolved into his deep understanding of specific native species. We hope Neil will share some beautiful images to illustrate this journey and share some of his wealth of experience with us as we take a journey through the majestic wildlife of the Scottish Highlands.

A Conversation with Peter Cairns – Thinking beyond the Lens

16.09.21 Peter has spent over two decades as a conservation photographer, videographer, nature tourism operator and environmental communicator. In 2017, he was one of the co-founders of SCOTLAND, The Big Picture, a rewilding charity that supports and enables the transformational recovery of nature across Scotland.

Batty about Badgers – Talk With Tesni Ward

Badgers are one of the most misunderstood and persecuted species in the UK, but if you dig just below the surface (pardon the pun), you’ll find they’re incredibly intelligent, gentle and social creatures. Tesni has been working with one clan in the Peak District for over 5 years now and has an intimate knowledge of their individual personalities, quirks and behaviours.

Big Cat Photography Session (Knowsley)

There can be few subjects in animal photography as popular as Big Cats and Carnivores. These iconic predators are not only wonderful subjects for pictures but also are the source of many amazing animal encounters.

Big Cat Photography Session (Woburn)

There can be few subjects in animal photography as popular as Big Cats and Carnivores. These iconic predators are not only wonderful subjects for pictures but are also the source of many amazing animal encounters.

Bite Size Harvest Mouse Photography

Harvest Mice are one of our most popular subjects here at the studio, so we’ve decided to dedicate a whole session just to these wonderful little guys. We’ve also given them a bit of a makeover with unusual sets, which will enable you to have some truly unique Harvest Mice pictures and we’ll continue working on these ideas to keep the pictures looking fresh.

Bite Size On-line Training

At Wild Arena we have long been fans of learning in ‘bite size’ chunks and adding a practical element can make this even better for many people. That’s why we have introduced our ‘Bite Size’ training sessions online. These condensed, one-to-one tuition slots allow you to cover the topics you want to and in a style that suits your learning.

Botswana, African Adventure

3rd to 16th December 2022 – Africa has to be perhaps the most iconic destination for any wildlife photographer. The choice of safari however, can be bewildering but we hope our ‘Botswana, African Adventure’ tour provides the perfect combination of ingredients for the discerning, nature loving photographer! With 10 days and 9 nights in beautiful, mobile, tented camps, you are right in the heart of the wilderness, experiencing the true nature of wild Africa.

Brown Bears Spring Awakening

23rd to 27th April 2022 – The Eastern border of Finland with Russia is home to the magnificent European Brown Bear. This normally shy and reclusive mammal, comparable in size to the Grizzly, roams through these beautiful forests in the search for food. It is to this quiet corner of Finland that our tour will take you in search of these magnificent mammals. 2018 will be Wild Arena’s 14th year at this amazing site and we regard it as one of Europe’s true wildlife highlights.