LOCATION National Trust Formby Point, Formby, Liverpool
TIME 09:00 to 15:00
Group Size   8
  • Small group ensuring everyone gets individual attention
  • Fully escorted by Wild Arena guides
  • Super mixed photographic opportunities in a great location
  • Full tuition and support from Wild Arena Staff
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • PDF notes
Not Included
  •  Camera equipment
  • Lunch (please bring a packed lunch)
  • Car park fee at Formby Point

Formby point is a very special location offering a wonderful woodland setting along with sand dunes and beach. This gives a great opportunity to look at a huge variety of different, natural subjects. From sweeping vistas to tiny details, there should be plenty to inspire everyone’s photography.

These varied subjects will allow us to cover many ideas from composition (seeing the picture in the landscape), use of different lenses (wide angles, telephoto and macro lenses), fast and slow shutter speeds for different effects and aperture/depth of field settings for variations in focus.

We will start these fun sessions by meeting at a very local restaurant where we can enjoy a morning tea/coffee whilst detailing the ideas for the day and introducing the techniques to be used. From here we will take the 5-minute drive to the wonderful location of Formby point, which is owned and operated by the National Trust.

The practical part of the day will be split into 2 halves, one out on the wide expanse of beach and the second, in the beautiful pine forest behind the dunes. The order we set these in will depend on the tide times and we will make the plan clear during the introduction at the start of the day.

Beach session

The beach is a fabulous location for getting pictures no matter the weather, from stormy wide landscape pictures with the waves breaking over each other, to calm blue sky, detail shots. We hope to, not only concentrate on the usual large landscape picture, but also take note of all the details to be found, such as pebbles, barnacles, patterns and shells. This is the perfect place to put into practice the use of shutter speeds and how they affect the pictures particularly with the movements of the water, along with the issue of depth of field for our detailed macro shots.

After a lunch break (no food is available to buy at this location so please ensure you bring a packed lunch), we will head into the woodland for our second session.

Woodland session

Again the woodland has plenty to offer and varies greatly at different times of the year. For our autumn workshops we will be looking out for fungus along with the lovely autumn colours you can see in the trees and on the ground in the fallen leaves. For this part of the day we will be focusing on composition and use of lenses, from those wide angle pictures of a woodland setting with many tree’s and a blanket of red leaves, through to close up detailed images of fungi or patterns in the bark of a tree. As the woodland is often darker due to being under the tree canopy, we will also have some LED lights on hand to talk you through the benefits of a small amount of fill in light for these scenario’s.

Throughout the whole day, there will be 2 Wild Arena guides present who will take time to help everyone with developing their photography. We will also have some equipment to help demonstrate ideas, such as filters and tripods.

The overall aim of the workshop is to offer a fun yet informative opportunity to try some new ideas, meet like-minded photographers and capture some great pictures in the fresh air!

Formby Point

Glorious beach with dramatic sand dunes, surrounded by sweeping coastal pinewoods. As one of the fastest changing coastlines that National Trust cares for, Formby featured as a case study in both the original and 2015 Shifting Shores report. The sand dunes here are in constant motion as they roll back inland naturally at a rate of 4 metres a year. This motion gives us some of the best mobile sand dune habitat in the UK and creates homes for some very rare wildlife including Natterjack Toads, Sand Lizards and Northern Dune Tiger Beetles. It also produces a steep sided sand wall that acts as an excellent natural sea defence for the residential area of Formby. However, the movement can create complications too as paths, car parks and other features inland become buried as the sand dunes roll back.


09:00 Arrival & welcome tea/coffee introductory briefing at our meeting point

10:00 Move to the National Trust car park (Victoria Road) at Formby Point

10:15 Photographic session one – beach session

12:00 Lunch (please bring a picnic lunch)

13:00 Photographic session two – woodland session

15:00 Close and de-brief

PLEASE NOTE: Our itineraries are listed as a guide and we may need to alter them depending on unforeseen circumstances, weather conditions or the availability of the subjects. Start and finish times are fixed to enable transport planning.

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