LOCATION Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside
TIME 09:00 to 12:00
Group Size 6
Guide For Event David and Janet
Fitness Level Light Walking, little walking is needed as you are taken round in vehicles for the majority of the session
Camera Experience Beginners: Suitable for all levels
Disability Access You will need to be able to walk short distances and get in and out of a 4×4 vehicle
Suitability Not suitable for children under the age of 14 years old and a full paying adult must accompany any under 16’s.
  •  Fully Escorted session with VIP access to the safari park animals
  • Small group ensuring each guest has a window seat
  • Entrance to the Safari Park
  • Tea and Coffee on arrival
  • Photographic tuition and guiding
  • Follow on PDF of learning
Not Included
  •  Camera
  • Spectators unable to join the group
Time of Year March to November (weekends and school holidays are only available in October, November and March, excluding Easter should that fall in March)
What we aim to cover We try to tailor all our sessions to suit our guests, so we do not always cover all the topics depending on the individual needs. Typical topics we can cover in this session are: Coming off Auto, exposure modes, auto focus modes, white balance, composition ideas

There can be few subjects in animal photography as popular as Big Cats and Carnivores.  These iconic predators are not only wonderful subjects for pictures but also are the source of many amazing animal encounters.  By holding this event in a safari park, we hope to achieve some great looking pictures within the natural environment of the park.  This really is a great way to hone your skills before going on a big holiday plus, of course, a fantastic way of saving airmiles by seeing these lovely animals right here in the UK.

Our half-day sessions will begin with a briefing from your guide about the planned itinerary together with an introduction on how we might achieve the best images of the animals we might see. We will then head out in the Land Rovers to spend time looking at a variety of Safari Park animals with a special focus on the Lions, Amur Tigers and carnivore areas. By starting the session at 09:00 we can have exclusive access to the carnivores before the drive opens to the public at 10:00.

The Wild Arena/Safari Park guides will be on hand throughout the session to ensure everyone has the support they need and will be happy to answer questions on the photography challenges or the animals we are meeting. The group will enjoy special VIP access to the animals to ensure we get the best chance for pictures throughout the session.

The focus for the session will be looking to get into the best possible situations for photography and the guides will work hard to put everyone in the right position. With the help of the keepers, off road Land Rovers and special access, we will be able to deliver opportunities simply not accessible to normal park visitors.  This is a very small group event with the photographic guides driving the vehicles with just the 3 guests in each of the two vehicles.

These events include admission to the Safari Park, so you will be free to spend the remainder of your day exploring the rest of the exciting animals they have to offer. (NB; it is possible that during the winter season, the park may not be open to the public, so non-escorted access outside of the event timings will not be possible at these times).

In line with Wild Arena’s on-going commitment to conservation, we also make a donations to ‘The Safina Lion Project’ for every guest booking we receive. Safina work actively on various projects supporting Lions in the Wild. For more information, follow this link.

Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park is situated between Liverpool and Manchester and has a fantastic range of species in over 400 acres of parkland.  Opened in 1971 the Derby family has a long historical interest in nature and the 13th Earl of Derby was the founding member of the Zoological society of London in 1826.  The park supports many worthwhile projects including the Wild Camel Protection Foundation

Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside

09.00: Arrival at the main Safari Park entrance.

09.15: Tea/Coffee and a briefing on getting the best from your pictures.

09.30: Photography session around the reserves with special time allocated for the Lion Pride and Amur Tigers. We also hope to see Baboons, Antelope and Deer.

12:00: Summary & Close.

Guests will have the remainder of the day to spend at leisure in the park, if it is open. (It is possible that during the winter season, the park may not be open to the public, so non escorted access outside of the event timings will not be possible at these times,).

PLEASE NOTE: Our itineraries are listed as a guide and we may need to alter them depending on unforeseen circumstances, weather conditions or the availability of the subjects.  Start and finish times are fixed to enable transport planning.

Knowsley Safari Park, Merseyside

Please note we cannot run these events at weekends or School holidays between April (or Easter if it is in March) and September, due to the high visitor numbers at the parks.

28.04.22 – fully booked

14.05.22 – fully booked

26.05.22 – fully booked

28.05.22 – fully booked

19.06.22 – fully booked

20.06.22 – fully booked

04.07.22 – fully booked

16.09.22 – fully booked

23.09.22 – fully booked

13.10.22 – fully booked

16.10.22 – fully booked

17.10.22 – fully booked

18.10.22 – fully booked

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Amur Tiger’s

Sinda (note the nick on her left ear and markings above the eye)

Bira (note the pronounced dark marking under her right eye)

Miron (he’s big and has a much fuller face than the girls)

African Lions

Ted (castrate male)

Sam (the only male with a mane)



Tour Reviews

4.00 based on 4 reviews
June 21, 2019

An excellent morning with friendly and knowledgable guides, David & Janet. Great access and able to get out of the vehicles at suitable points to get the best shots of the majestic cats (when they’re not hiding!). A great opportunity for photographers of all levels

September 29, 2021

Interested in photographing the big cats some time in the not to distant future. On holiday this week just in case you have cancellations.

Mobile No. 07399491447

PS. Not sure how I am expected to give a review when this is a new enquiry.

September 29, 2021

Hi Phil

I will send you an email shortly. Please do check your junk/spam folder if you do not see it. Kind Regards Adrienne

May 5, 2022

I booked to do the big cats and wasn't disappointed, David picked us up and went straight to the lion enclosure, he explained all about them and helped me with settings on my camera while driving up and down for me to get best shots was excellent, then we met keeper to go into tiger compound but they were in their den but I got some photos through the wire which was good, we were going to the baboons next and on way saw new born Pere David deer that had just been born was amazing then onto baboons stayed outside enclosure and took pics through wire but David threw food over for them so got good shots. Amazing day glad I came learned alot from David and really enjoyed myself.

May 29, 2022

Thank you so much for the privilege of being so close to the big cats. Thank you for sharing your passion for photography and clear, useful lessons with the cameras. What an inspiration

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