LOCATION Interactive conferencing via Zoom
TIME 1.5 hour any time of day
Group Size   1
  •  1.5 hour one to one bespoke learning
  • Achievable learning outcomes
  • Photographic Tutor
  • PDF notes (for prepared topics)
Not Included
  •  Camera

At Wild Arena we have long been fans of learning in ‘bite size’ chunks and adding a practical element can make this even better for many people. That’s why we have introduced our ‘Bite Size’ courses. These condensed, one-to-one tuition slots allow you to cover the topics you want to and in a style that suits your learning.

The content of the hour and a half is entirely up to you and we can run through any aspects of both the technical and creative elements of your photography. All levels of experience and types of camera are welcome and for those completely new to the hobby, we can also offer a suggested program of steps, with each session covering 1 or 2 new skills to help improve your picture taking abilities. These session will take place via Zoom and your tutors for these sessions will be David or Janet Southard with the possible addition of other ‘expert guests. David & Janet have been working in the photography industry for many years and are well known guides on many of our workshops. They are both widely published and respected in their field and regularly undertake commercial assignments.

Suggested topics options, could include:

  • How a camera works
  • Basic ‘modes’
  • Shutter speeds and resulting effects
  • Apertures and resulting effects
  • ISO (sensitivity), ‘noise’ and balancing key exposure controls
  • Histograms and review information
  • Focus operation
  • Metering operation and exposure compensation
  • Auxiliary controls – quality settings, white balance, picture effects, drive and live view
  • Lenses
  • Post production
  • Creative ideas


NB: these timings are listed as an example only (exact times will depend on the time slot you request)

Example; ‘Booked for 10.00 am’

10.00 Session begins by signing into Zoom

11:30 Summary and Close

You can book your Bite Size session whenever it suits you (providing we have a tutor available).

Fill in the booking form and request the date and time slot that you would like (you can add this to the notes on the PayPal section) and we will get back to you once we have checked our availability.

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