At Wild Arena we appreciate that there is always a need for a more structured approach to learning to compliment our purely practical workshop events. We offer a range of different training sessions, all of which are focused on very small groups and individually tailored instruction. Our unique venue, also means there is always an opportunity to put the ideas straight into practice with a range of interesting subjects. Our ‘Getting Started’ sessions are aimed at guests wishing to have an introduction and overview of certain topics. Maximum group size on these events is just 3. Our ‘Mastering your Camera’ sessions are more specifically aimed at a number of key camera feature or techniques and can either be booked individually or together to form a structured program. Maximum group size on these events is also only 3. If you cannot find something to suit your specific needs, you can book a full or half day ‘1-to-1’, where we can cover just the topics with which you feel you need support with. If in doubt, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.


New Event!

Macro Workshop, Creative Lighting

Here at Wild Arena we have been running Macro workshops from our specialist studio for over 10 years and this Halloween we thought we would offer a workshop with a
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Power Hour Training

At Wild Arena we have long been fans of learning in ‘bite size’ chunks and adding a practical element can make this even better for many people. That’s why we
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Getting Started with Digital SLR Cameras

Our ‘Getting Started with Digital SLR cameras’ sessions are simple, 3 hour events designed to cover a basic overview of key D-SLR operation. Using simple language and practical examples we
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