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Filter Introduction, why use filters in a digital age

£25 (Members price £20)
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Duration & Dates

1.5 Hours

New dates coming soon

Location & Guide

On line via zoom

Guide for the course David Southard


1.5 hour 'live' video call

Great introduction on why camera filters matter, even in the digital age

Introduction to different filter styles

Benefits of top 3 filter types

Recommendations on best buys

Illustrated with examples and practical suggestions

Small group size for individual attention

Call recording available



Members price £20


Group Size

8 people

Not included

Camera equipment





In a digital age of modern cameras and clever image software, the use of filters has somewhat fallen out of fashion. However, there are still compelling reasons why a good understanding of filters can really help improve our images, directly out of the camera!


Our filter introduction session will cover the various different styles of filter before moving on to 3 key filter types that will really open up new possibilities and improvements in our photos.


We will cover Neutral Density, Graduated and Polarising filters, discussing what they can achieve, when we should use them and why they produce results that are hard to replicate in software. 


Finally, we will make some recommendations on different purchasing options and also show examples of how we efficiently use filters in our own photography.

The format of a live call means that unlike listening to a recording, your tutor can tailor the conversation for delegates, making sure everyone is understanding and provide an opportunity for delegates to ask any specific questions as we move through the sessions content.


This course is principally aimed at either D-SLR or interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras, but would also be applicable for compact, bridge and compact system cameras that have the relevant features we require. If you have any doubt about the suitability of your camera, just get in touch and we can let you know!

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Sign on to Zoom and meet your tutor 

 Key Topics:

  • Filter styles

  • 3 essential filter types to own

  • Neutral density filters

  • Graduated filters

  • Polariser filters

  • Practical use and recommendations




Summary and close


Who should attend

Whilst this course has no content unsuitable for young people, it is primarily aimed at adult learning

This tutorial is aimed at photographers who want to understand the creative potential of using filters.

Learning outcomes

Our tutorial provides an introduction to using camera filters in the age of digital photography.

  • Understanding different filter styles

  • Key benefits of the 3 ‘must have’ filters

  • Tips & practical recommendations on filter use


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