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Crested Gecko

Macro Photography Session

£109 (Members price £87.20)
Dead Leaf Mantis

Duration & Dates

3 Hours

13th August 24 AM or PM

Location & Guide

Wilkinson Cameras, Liverpool

Guide on the day Kevin Morgans


A great selection of exotic animals

Full tuition and guiding throughout

Flash and constant light set ups

Introduction video before the event

Refreshments provided



Members price £87.20


Group Size

6 people

Not included

Camera equipment



Here at Wild Arena, we have long been involved in Macro photography and we have built up a wealth of knowledge in this area with regards to the photography and the subjects. Working with our good friends at Wilkinson Cameras and Animal Teach, we're really pleased to be able to offer an informative half day in a well set up studio with fantastic subjects. Before the session we will send through a video presentation on getting started with macro photography, so if you are new to the subject this should really help you get a good understanding of the common problems and how to solve them. Of course, the photography guide who will be with the group throughout the session can go over any questions or queries you may have on the subject.

The session will begin with a welcome tea/coffee and the Wild Arena tutor will go through the camera set up for the session and what subjects we will have available. You will then have the opportunity to capture your own pictures, of these exciting animals, on a bespoke set up to ensure you go away with captivating images. With a small group size of only 6 there will be plenty of time for each person to get images. We will be working with two set ups throughout the day, one showing how to get the best from constant lighting and one from studio lighting. These sets will work in very different ways, but this should allow you to leave the session with plenty of information on different lighting scenarios.


So, if you are new to macro photography or would simply like access to the amazing subjects on offer then this is the perfect session for you. Your guide will be on hand to help you with the relevant macro equipment and the Wilkinson Cameras staff will be on hand to offer further help and guidance.

Royal Python
Borneo Eared Frog
Blue Tongued Skink
Key subjects for the workshop should include:

Exotic amphibians and reptiles: Crested Gecko, Leopard Gecko, Gargoyle Gecko, Royal Python, Corn Snake, Millipede, Amazon Milk Frog, Borneo Eared Frogs, Ornate Horned Frog, Blue Tongued Skink, Praying Mantis (various species), Stick Insects (various species), Panther Chameleon and Yemen Chameleon. 

Above all else, we want our welcoming, small group workshops to be relaxing and creatively stimulating, providing the perfect combination of rest and enjoyment of the wonderful pastime of photography!



We are really pleased to be hosting this event with our good friends Wilkinson Cameras in Liverpool. Wilkinson has just moved their Liverpool store and this store has ample facilities for the day and of course plenty of kit on hand to tempt us all.

Panther Chameleon
Leopard Gecko



Arrival at Wilkinson Cameras with refreshments and introductory briefing.




Session 1, we will divide the group in half between the two set ups and then swap over. We will swap animals and continue to swap the groups so everyone should have a chance with each subject (as long as the subject is) happy and settled.



Summary and close. 


Gargoyle Gecko


Arrival at Wilkinson Cameras with refreshments and introductory briefing




Session 1, we will divide the group in half between the two set ups and then swap over. We will swap animals and continue to swap the groups so everyone should have a chance with each subject (as long as) the subject is happy and settled.




summary & close

PLEASE NOTE: Our itineraries are listed as a guide and we may need to alter them depending on unforeseen circumstances, weather conditions or the availability of the subjects.  Start and finish times are fixed to enable transport planning.

Who should attend

Wild Arena workshops are not suitable for children under the age of 14 years old and a full paying adult must accompany any under 16’s.


Light walking is involved, and the studio is on the second floor.


Suitable for beginners up, no experience needed, just a working knowledge of your camera.

Learning outcomes

We try to tailor all our sessions to suit our guests, so we do not always cover all the topics depending on the individual needs. 


Typical topics we can cover in this session are: Simply getting close enough, getting the best from depth of field, keeping everything still.


dead leaf mantis-2093.jpeg

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful Half Day Macro photography, I had an amazing time the hosts where amazing made you feel welcome and relaxed so quickly, I had a great time and a good laugh. The animals and insects where beautiful to see and photograph

Jon September 23

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