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a close up image of a common frog

Beginners Macro Photography Tutorial, how to get great close ups

£25 (Members price £20)
a macro picture of a damsel fly

Duration & Dates

1.5 Hours

10th September 24

Location & Guide

On line via zoom

Guide for the course David Southard


Comprehensive course covering the basics for macro photography

Online live zoom tutorial



Members price £20


Group Size

8 people

Not included

Camera equipment




Have you ever tried Macro photography and been disappointed with the results, have you never tried it but are interested to know more? If so then this is definitely the course for you. 

Macro is a wonderful genre of photography allowing you to photograph small things that can fill the frame, giving impact and awe to your pictures. The best thing about macro, is that we are surrounded by stunning subjects, in the garden, at the park, on a wall, in your house (the list goes on) but it makes this subject available to everyone. There is always a pay off and in this case it is the technical knowledge you need, to get to grips with this type of photography. During this 1.5 hour course we will talk you through the main factors people struggle with (getting close enough, getting things in focus and keeping everything sharp) and how you can overcome them to get some truly stunning pictures. We'll also talk you through types of lenses and equipment you may need and the differences between them with advantages and disadvantages. 


We've been creating macro images within our studio and out in the field for the last 15 years, so we are well equipped and qualified to answer all your questions and take you through the process to achieving the results you really want from this fascinating subject. Our 'Zoom' conferencing means you can connect with your tutor and fellow students from the comfort of your home, but you'll still be able to interact with the group. Asking questions and hearing other's questions, is an invaluable tool when learning. After the course we will send you a PDF of the material along with a link to the video of the course you attended, so you can go over the content as many times as you like


Canon 5d mkIV with the 100mm used for macro photography tuition
frill detail of a mushroom in close up

a Toad sitting on moss


Sign on to Zoom and meet your tutor for 1.5 hours of Macro learning 


  • Simply getting close enough

  • Getting things in focus - depth of field

  • Keeping everything sharp - controlling movement

  • Tips and tricks for in the field




Summary and close


Who should attend

Whilst this course has no content unsuitable for young people, it is primarily aimed at adult learning


Intermediate, some knowledge of how a DSLR works as we will concentrate on macro

Learning outcomes
  • Getting close enough 

  • Getting things in focus - depth of field

  • Keeping everything sharp - controlling movement


Beginners Macro-mushrooms-0438.jpeg

This workshop provided me with a really useful and enjoyable introduction to macro photography. David was friendly, informative, took the time to understand what equipment people were using and was able to give good examples relating to individual's requirements. I had been struggling with my lens and as David was familiar with it he was able to offer some very useful advice on how to overcome my difficulties. I found that this advice improved my shots greatly even without the additional information learnt on the day. I would recommend to anyone with limited macro experience and I will definitely be signing up for another workshop in future.
Many thanks David for an enjoyable session.

Janice March 21

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