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Creative Pictures, with multiple exposure and intentional camera movement

£25 (Members price £20)

Duration & Dates

1.5 Hours

9th April 24

Location & Guide

On line via zoom

Guide for the course David Southard


1.5 hour 'live' video call

Full Explanation on generating creative images through in-camera, multiple exposure

Comprehensive run through of the technique of intentional camera movement (ICM)

Small group size for individual attention

Call recording available



Members price £20


Group Size

8 people

Not included

Camera equipment




There are many different techniques that experienced photographers can use to influence how their pictures look and the feelings or stories the images convey. Two such ideas are ‘in camera’ multiple exposures and employing intentional camera movement (ICM). The 1.5 hour live video tutorial, will cover both these topics in some detail, allowing delegates to add new ideas to their creative photography.


Initially we will run through the basic principles behind multiple exposures, and then cover examples of how different makes and types of cameras may allow us to shoot in this way.


As a second idea, we will look at combining slower shutter speeds with intentional camera movement, to create alternative images with great artistic potential.


The format of a live call means that unlike listening to a recording, your tutor can tailor the conversation for everyone, making sure everyone is understanding and has opportunity to ask any specific questions as we move through the sessions content.


This course is principally aimed at either D-SLR or interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras, but would also be applicable for compact, bridge and compact system cameras that have the relevant features we require. If you have any doubt about the suitability of your camera, just get in touch and we can let you know!

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Sign on to Zoom and meet your tutor 

 Key Topics:

  • The principles of multiple exposure

  • Different camera controls for achieving multiple exposures

  • The outline idea of intentional camera movement

  • How to achieve slower speed

  • Different camera movements for different effects




Summary and close


Who should attend

Whilst this course has no content unsuitable for young people, it is primarily aimed at adult learning

Anyone wanting to add new creative techniques to their ‘tool kit’ of photo ideas! 

Learning outcomes

This short session introduces 2 great techniques for alternative, creative photographs. 

  • Understanding of multiple exposure principles

  • How to achieve multiple exposures successfully with your own camera

  • How to create slow shutter speed scenarios

  • Ideas for good camera movements for best effects


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