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Composition, making the basic rules work for you

£25 (Members price £20)
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Duration & Dates

1.5 Hours

12th March 24

Location & Guide

On line via zoom

Guide for the course David Southard


1.5 hour 'live' video call

10 simple ideas to improve your picture compositions

Illustrated with examples and practical suggestions

Small group size for individual attention

Call recording available 



Members price £20


Group Size

8 people

Not included

Camera equipment




There is probably no more important topic in photography than composition. It is only through the careful arrangement of elements within a scene, that we usually create pictures that ‘feel’ right and are pleasing to the eye. For beginners this can be very daunting and there are literally dozens of ‘rules’ that are quoted to help photographers deliver better pictures.


In this introductory tutorial, we will cover 10 ideas that we hope will de-mystify this problem and help you create photos with impact. The emphasis is on interpreting these thoughts creatively into your shots, and as such, technical knowledge is not especially important.


We will run through each idea in turn giving practical examples and sharing our experience of the benefits they bring. We will also talk about combining ideas and even ‘breaking the rules’ once we have them established in our minds.


The topics are:


  • Simplicity

  • Framing

  • The rule of thirds

  • Lines – Lead in and diagonals

  • Patterns and symmetry 

  • Negative space

  • Colour

  • Tonal contrast (highlights and shadows)

  • Backgrounds and foregrounds

  • Choosing a viewpoint


The format of a live call means that unlike listening to a recording, your tutor can tailor the conversation for everyone, making sure everyone is understanding and provides an opportunity for delegates to ask any specific questions as we move through the sessions content.


This course should be suitable for any camera, as it is principally concerned with creative ideas. If you have any doubt about the suitability of your camera or experience, just get in touch and we can let you know!


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Sign on to Zoom and meet your tutor 

 Key Topics:

  • Setting the compositional ‘scene’

  • 10 key ideas

  • Applying these in practice

  • Combining and breaking the ‘rules’




Summary and close


Who should attend

Whilst this course has no content unsuitable for young people, it is primarily aimed at adult learning


Anyone who feels they are not always sure about the basic of sound compositions in photographs!

Learning outcomes

This must-do session covers some vital compositional basics for pictures with impact. 

  • Learning a number of key compositional principles

  • Beginning with a ‘goal’ in mind

  • Remembering the importance of simplicity

  • Appreciating the power of a story

  • Consideration of end use


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